Coaching Session

Just wanted to share a few images I got when I did a one on one coaching with the most amazing Harmony Kellis! Harmony is stunningly beautiful (see the image I grabbed of her at her family session this last fall below), and is good at everything she does, but she doesn't realize how good. She's been to almost all of my classes, and that's all great, but I really love hanging out with her and talking shop and more so, she's the type of friend everyone should have... when you leave, you feel like your the coolest person ever because of how she is with you! Some days, when I'm not feeling so confident, I think I need to call and have a one on one session with her, cause she's such a great shot in the arm. I really have met some super great friends with this business, and am excited to be meeting many more this month with my classes and sessions booked!

The above picture is Harmony, I took this shot in the fall, at Pacific Beach, Cali.

This fabulous model is Harmony's sister! So easy and natural in front of my lens! We took this and the next two images during our coaching session together... her boys are the cutest too!

Isn't this a classic shot? Harmony's prop and kid toy.

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Peri said...

i love graffiti.
and those women have beautiful eyes!