Weddings! Weddings!

Yes, I do weddings! It is in the air! Lots of weddings which is fantastic... get to the church before the temperature rises!! I love outdoor backyard weddings, and this has been my favorite so far!! They did everything so perfect! See for yourself! (Image heavy)


Amy said...


Aundrea said...

i love seeing people i know in peoples blogs i don't know! i live in dallas & am in sarah & jd's ward & she told me about your blog. i used to live in gilbert & my parents live down the street from the hamblin's! the wedding pics are gorgeous!! your photography inspires me!

Peri said...

ok.. seriously.
that is so CUTE!
love it!

Amy said...

Thank you Amy and Peri, Aundrea, isn't it a small world? Been wanting to come to Texas, anyone out there want sessions?

Shannon Clark said...

Amy these are beautiful! and I love her dress and shoes.
Shannon Clark