Creative Lighting Class

Hey everyone!

It's time to get our game on!! With the beautiful sunsets we've been having, I am just dying to run out and play with the gorgeous light... wanna come play with me and my camera?

I love this class because we are doing a live shoot with models, and incorporating everthing that we learn on location!

Creative Lighting Class/Understanding Lighting
Photo Shoot included!!
This is a 3 hour class - we will spend the first 1/2 of the class learning about all the different types of lighting, how to make the best of them, and when to try what. We'll spend the second 1/2 of this class shooting, with models, trying all of the concepts that we've just learned. We'll have at least 2 models, so you'll also gain some insight on posing. You must be able to shoot in Manual Mode to attend this class or have attended my basic photography classes before! All lighting techniques will be done with natural light.

Here is what we will be studying in depth:
Front light

Side light
Back light
Full Sun vs. Shade (when and how to use both)
Window light/indoor light
"the Cave"
Moody Lighting
Artistic Lighting
and achieving fantastic "Sun Flare"
(as seen below)

Saturday, April 17th from 3:15 to 6:15 in Gilbert (Cooper and Ray area)

The class will normally be $125, but my Early Bird Special is $95! Special ends on April 10th.

Hope you can be one of us...

And shoot beautiful models like this, using high contrast side light "drama"...

and an even front light...

and then learn to do this...with the lighting, not the lips...LOL (love capturing this sun flare - woo hoo!!)

A big huge thank you to Harmony Kellis who took pictures 1 and 3 in this post - your rockin it Harmony!!!

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