Beach Sun Flare

This is the last of my beach pics, and I am so excited to share them, since they turned out so different than the others. Lots to be learned about lighting from this shoot. It was done in the afternoon, and so the background is washed out, and is why it has such a cool effect on the image. There was also a bit of a fog, and it made such a unique, artsy, cool effect on the pictures too (mostly visible on the image in the above post). The funniest thing about this week was the boys vs. girls. In the shoots I had with all boys, the whole family would end up in the water, playing. There was no choice in the matter, the boys would just get in, farther and farther during the shoot. I loved it. I love the natural playing, and just capturing them running and having fun in the waves. But the sessions I did that had all girls in the family, well, they didn't get in the water at all. They still ran, played, and had a blast, but they were wet up to their waists. I should've known, but it was funnier to watch, by the end of the week I was shooting in my swimsuit, sundress and hair in a bun. Of course, I could live like that... well, except for the swimsuit, that gets a bit annoying :)

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