Basic Photoshop Class

We had a great time at the last photoshop class, and I loved meeting and getting to know a bunch of fantastic ladies that all share the same thing in common, a love for photography and making great images! It's always so great to be able to learn things in person, and have other people's perspective, that's what I love about these classes. I have learned alot online, but I always learn so much more in person, than from the computer.

So...I've got a date! The much requested Basic Photoshop class is finally on my calendar again, and I am so very very excited!! I always say that half of the art is in the camera, and the other half of the art is in photoshop. I've spent as much time learning photoshop as I have learning my camera, and everything on my blog and website has been edited in photoshop.

Here are the details:

Date: Saturday, Apr. 24th
Time: 2:30pm - 9:00pm
(dinner will be provided)
Requirements: I will be teaching from
Adobe Photoshop CS4. If you have CS3 or CS2, you will still be able to do everything that I teach. This class is not open to Elements users, but if your an Elements user, and would like a Photoshop class, please email me and I will put one together if I have enough interest.
We will be in a conference room, and your welcome and encouraged to bring a laptop. I will be providing a packet that includes detailed notes on all of the subject matter as well.

What: This is a basic photoshop class, but we will be fully editing a
handful of images by the end of the session.

Where: in Gilbert, at a business office located on Cooper and Ray, more details when you register

Cost: The cost of the class is $225, but for anyone that registers
before Apr. 10th will receive $25 off of their registration.

To register: Click here ! I am limiting this class size, so be sure to get a seat!


Here are a few of the topics covered:
file organizing
understanding the tools
eye work
fixing exposure
correcting skin tones
enhancing colors
creating your workflow

and if time permits, we will also cover:
head swapping
make me skinny
monitor calibration

and here are some reasons why you might love this class


And here is what some of my previous students had to say about this class:

"Thank you so much! It was so wonderful. I feel so informed and educated!"


"The info provided in this class was/is worth every penny paid for. You could tell Amy put a lot of time and effort into making the class totally accessible to everyone regardless of experience."

(no names were asked for on these evals that my students left, so I don't have names for these testimonials...)

Click here to register now

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