We made the News!!

I still remember when I heard that my really good friend's newborn baby had started seizing. We were all young Mom's together, and this was her first born, just a year behind my first born. It was shocking. The years that followed were filled with tests, surgeries, and more tests. The seizing never stopped. Today, Dayton is a joy and an inspiration everywhere he goes. Although he's never stood a day in his life, and never spoken the words "I love you Mom", he is all there inside, just trapped in a disfunctional body. My kids adore him, his cute sisters adore him, and so does everyone he meets, he has friends, he is in scouts, and loves camping and his church and his family! This summer Dayton got a new well trained dog. The dog is trained to sense when Mr D. starts his seizures, and will climb up onto his lap. Around his collar is a special unit that when placed near a unit in Dayton's upper chest, either stops the seizure, or minimizes it. So, welcome to the family Omega...he goes everywhere with them, yes everywhere! I took the chance to take their family photos back in August, and was so excited to see a few of them on News Channel 3 last night when they did a story on Dayton - so so cool! It's amazing meeting people like Dayton, you see the hours of service his family and therapists put into him and his quality of life. You are a little awkward at first, not knowing his capacity to understand, and you want to help, but you can't. But the real deal is that you always leave feeling the strength of his special spirit and you wonder if he is the one helping us, not the other way around. Love you Dayton!!

Just found this link for the news story: click here


jamesonphotos said...

It looks like you found a new field to shoot in! So pretty. I love the backlit glow!

Amy said...

What a great story! What a sweet family. All children are a blessing, I think special needs bring even more special love to a family. Thanks for sharing another great story.

Cat said...

Fantastic! My other job is home health care/residential service provider and I work with a guy very much like Dayton. And I know quite a few people with the VNS system and it works wonders! Great photos!