Inspired by Disney… and Dayton!

I know that many of you are doing service for a free day at Disney, and we are also excited to be a part of something so big! We have partnered with SKIP, an amazing company that supports needy children in Peru, and are doing a fundraiser to benefit these children! We will have more information about SKIP during your session, but you can check them out here, and you can even purchase fanastic handmade items that the women there are making to support their families. I am so excited because it truly is a win win for all involved. So, if your interested, here are the deets:

“Minnie” Sessions - Fundraising Photos:

What: come and have your child or children’s custom photo taken, all proceeds benefit the SKIP foundation.

When: Sat. Feb. 13th, 2010

Cost: $35 for 3 custom edited images on CD 8 x 10 or smaller.

$45 for 3 custom edited images on CD full resolution (can be enlarged to any size)

Copy rights for the images included.

Prints available at session.

Who: Any child or children, (we will be scheduling the shoots in the morning)

Any child that has a mental or physical disability will receive their images free of charge!

This last summer, I had Dayton’s family pictures on my calendar, but hadn’t taken them yet, and I got word that he was in the hospital with something that could be serious. Of course, I started getting worried, and thought, what if something happens to him before I am able to take these photos of him for his family to enjoy? It literally made my stomach drop. So, in an effort to bless other families with kids like Dayton and help them to have custom photography of their little angels on earth, we are offering free photography for them.

Enjoy Custom Photography of your child

Please spread the word to anyone that you know that has a child that is disabled. My whole family is helping with this event, and we all love Dayton, and would love to share the joy of custom photography to others like Dayton.

Also, don’t be surprised when my daughter or son are the ones to arrange your session with me, this is a family affair!

Sessions are limited, so call or email right away to get on our calendar!

Amy and family




j.peri said...

your daughter is a babe.
i love her.
and your photography is AMAZING!

Roden5 said...

Awesome idea, Amy! Mallory is beautiful.

robin said...

How much would you charge for a wedding? I have a friend who is getting married in May 15 and is searching for a photographer. Please let me know. billrobinhicks@gmail.com