Miracle baby rolls over!

So, this week, I am so excited for Thanksgiving. I'll be more excited when I am done baking 4 pies, and making 2 salads and homemade stuffing (still need a good recipe for this - anyone?). I do love to cook for Thanksgiving, homemade is always the best. One year we ate somewhere where everything served was from a can, a box, or from grocery store, and oh, how I missed my Mom's cooking. My parents are out of the country serving a mission in the beautiful St. Lucia, so the dinner will be here at my house. My poor kids have been doing all kinds of extra housework the last couple of days...my poor kids, ha! I always love a long chore list for them, it's what I grew up on, and helped me develop a good work ethic today. So, do I feel bad when they complain about the cleaning the dust under the couches, dusting the piano, and sweeping the stairs... uh, not even. They've got it easy in comparison. I was mowing the orchard at their ages, and that was just one of my chores. Thanks Dad! I'm thankful for those long lists of chores.

Okay, I must now share the next set of beach pictures with this sweet family, who were blessed with a miracle baby this year! She was so stinkin' cute and soo good for the shoot, she rolled over for the first time in front of the camera! It was soo fun! This Mom is so smart to cherish her pictures the way that she does! She will never regret it! We took some traditional family shots, but I loved these "lifestyle" shots, and had to share them!

The shot above is the one that I can picture nice and large. It's proof that you don't have to have every face looking at the camera and smiling. This just shows them having such a great time together, and it's so natural!

And here is the famous first roll over!! Is that not the cutest thing?


♥Tami said...

I am dying over these! So so cute! Beautiful family!

Kerri said...

We LOVE our photos! Thank you for capturing this moment in time for us!

Amy said...

Aww thanks - so fun to work with that cute baby!

:) Amy