Creative Lighting/Understanding Lighting

The much anticipated "Lighting Class" is finally here! I've been talking with many of you about a Creative Lighting Class for some time, and am thinking that this month will be the perfect time!! My favorite time of the year is between Christmas and New Years, all the lists are done, the kids are playing with their new stuff, the weather is fantastic, and there is still left overs, so I don't have to cook much! So, here is my After Black Friday Special:

Creative Lighting Class/Understanding Lighting
Photo Shoot included!!
This is a 3 hour class - we will spend the first 1/2 of the class learning about all the different types of lighting, how to make the best of them, and when to try what. We'll spend the second 1/2 of this class on location, with models, shooting all of the concepts that we've just learned. We'll have at least 2 models, so you'll also gain some insight on posing. You must be able to shoot in Manual Mode to attend this class or have attended my basic photography classes before!

Here is what we will be studying in depth:
Front light

Side light
Back light
Full Sun vs. Shade (when and how to use both)
"the Cave"
Moody Lighting
Artistic Lighting
and achieving fantastic "Sun Flare"
(as seen below)

The class will be held on Saturday, Jan. 2nd from 2:30 - 5:30

The class will normally be $125, but my After Black Friday Special is $95!

There will be a limited number of seats, so I can give special attention to everyone. This will make a great Christmas gift, and I do have certificates available! In fact, call me and I can play "Secret Santa" for you!

To register, just click zip me an email:

Hope you can join us!!


Mila Julia n Ryan said...

Hi, I live in Arizona and heard about you class, but where this is gonna be? Thank you and I love your work ; )

Amy said...

The class will be held in Gilbert, and we'd love to have you!

:) Amy

Trent and Rhonda Wardwell said...

I'm obviously no where near my beloved home state of AZ, but I will be visiting in the summer for a big chuck of time. Will you be offering any classes then, I would absolutely be interested. Please let me know when you know... wardwell7@gmail.com

Kristen said...

Darn this looked awesome...are you going to do another one?