Bigger is Better!!

I'm all about bigger prints! One photographer friend blogged about how many of us consider 8 x 10's and even 11 x 17's enlargements, just because Costco does. Sorry, but an 8 x 10 isn't really large at all. I love to see prints LARGE. When I see a beautiful large print, my first response is WOW, and then I find myself staring at it for a long time in awe. Bigger prints evoke more emotion and interest. I believe when you spend the money on a professional photographer, the outfits, and you take the time for some great family photos, they need to be done right! Many people will use collages on their walls because there are so many photos they like, that they can't decide. But, bigger prints create a more emotional response and become the Art for your walls. I suggest taking the one or two favorites, get them printed really large with a high quality printer so that they will last you many years, and hang it above a couch, table or any wall. It is most impressive if it is hung on the first wall that your eyes fall on when you walk into the room. Below is my friends darling picture of her family which would have been cute in a 5 x 7 frame on the counter, but instead, she made it into a 30 x 45, had it framed and now look at it. When people walk into the door they can see a glimpse, but as they come down the hall and into the living room, it takes your breath away! If she would have selected 6 8x10's and hung them in the same wall, it would not have been as impressive. Bigger is better! You'll be seeing more "bigger is better" posts from me down the road, as I re-do my own walls and help my clients to do theirs! I believe that family pictures, and any image of loved ones are so priceless. I often find myself thinking, "wow, I love this now, but how much more will I love this in 20 years?" A true investment that pays you back forever, wouldn't you agree that these images in many ways become our most prized possessions?


kara jayne said...

i agree 100%!! The picture that is my blog header is in our front room HUGE!!! we get a lot of comments/compliments on it. your doing awesome work!

Amy said...

Thanks Kara - What size did you hang? I'm always interested. Sometimes what we might foresee as too big, isn't.... it's just even better!

The Froerer's said...

I love it too, and can't wait to get mine up in the living room!