I am so excited to announce that my website is finally ready!! Yeah and whew!! It took more work than I thought or had time for, but it's officially official! So, when you get a sec, go check it out and stay a while... there are lots of fun photos! I also now have session information, pricing information and contact information on it. Be sure to drag your mouse over the bottom right hand corner where there is an envelope. That is where you can sign up for my email list, and be the first to hear about special offers and announcements I will send out randomly.
BOOK NOW FOR FALL!! Although it does not feel like it, fall is upon us and I am booking up already! Give me a call now, as I will have limited openings each month, and you'll want them back in plenty of time for Christmas gifts.
BEACH and FALL pictures available!! Okay, so this is what I am most excited about, because it is what I want for my family! I've always thought that family pics in the fall leaves are so amazing and I love, love beach pictures, so I am offering both! I am heading up to Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona during the "fall" season for a few days to be available for fall pics. I will take you to the most gorgeous area, one that is visited by professional photographers all the time, and we'll spend an hour or so playing in the leaves! I can't wait!
Beach - I will be in the San Diego area during Fall Break (October 12th - 16th). If your going to be there, call me, and lets hook up and play on the beach! What a fun memory, as well as amazing images for your family to go and play on the beach! We just spent a week there with all of our cousins, and I am doing a whole wall in large beach pics of the kids and the cousins, and the critters. I love everything about the beach, the natural colors of the sand, water and piers, and the brights colors of the umbrellas, swimsuits, and buckets. I had a whole party going on inside my camera and will share soon! So, think San Diego, and call and get booked soon, since I'm limited on how much I can shoot while I am there. Session fees for the beach and fall pictures are on my website under pricing info.

Bookmark, favortize and memorize this site address... woohoo!

free stickers coming soon (j/k)!!


diane said...

I love your website! I am so happy for you, to enjoy living your dream. Wonderful.

Amy said...

thanks Diane, I am very happy!

Sashay~Vanessa said...

I love your web site I will have to tell everyone about it and I need to get with you about pictures of my kiddos and there sports.... I miss you..

Amy said...

Thanks V -
I got your message about the petti, we improvised and pulled it off, but I need to return yours! I'll be posting the pic (someday) of a handful of little girls running down in beach in their flouncy pettis and swimsuits! So, so cute!
Call sometime!

TheTresederTroop said...

we'll need about 500 stickers....

love the site. can't wait to see the cali pictures. Thanks for sharing your talent!