Mom and kiddos shoot

This Mom is a great friend of mine, and a truly wonderful person! It is always fun to be with her and our kids are great friends, so that makes doing a photo shoot extra meaningful for me, since I know them on a different level. She has older kids, and then the 2 babies, so life is challenging and a bit crazy, as you can imagine with 2 babies, and shooting the 2 babies was no different. I do have tricks up my sleeve, but....? I'm totally okay with capturing life, and not always the perfect smiles, and "Olan Mills" posing. In fact, it's what I strive for.

I love shooting this old truck, and this time I went in looking for different angles than I usually use, and I love the lines and circles, of the front end. Shapes always create more interesting photos... they please the brain.

Miss S. looking so gorgeous.... she also looks alot like the girl in my post titled "Adventures in Photography" below a few...

Life with 2 babies...recorded.

Don't you love her eyes? More great bokeh.

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