A Sample of Seattle

Were it not for the black hole of time (the last 2 weeks of summer before the kids go back to school, and there is "nothing to do") I would have these and many more posts up by now... so my personal countdown is on... 7 days till school starts and I can do more posts, and upload all the fun photo shoots I've done for some of the fantastic clients during the trip, and here at home. Until then, I will be checking schedules, meeting with teachers, getting school supplies, getting the kids to bed earlier, breaking up spats and trying to keep a smile on my face for the next 7 days. I love summer - love the time with the kids, love sleeping in, eating cereal for lunch, and having pajama day at least once a week, but I love my kids in school too! A great, air conditioned, institute of learning is only good for them, and helps me have the time to be a better mom... anyone else agree? So, a post on our Seattle portion of the West Coast Sampler trip - this is as far north as we went although, I would have loved to taken the 2 hour drive and cross the Canadian border to see the beautiful city of Vancouver... but we don't have passports, and couldn't add in another day. I went to Seattle as a kid and I took my kids to all the places and did all the things that we did as kids in Seattle. I kept feeling like this trip was a bit of a tribute to my parents, and especially my Dad, who loved to take us on trips during the summer, and gave us the gift of travel, culture and some really crazy, crazy experiences... oh the memories... so thanks Dad, and here is a repeat of similar travels from years gone by carried on by your children and their children! Love you and wish you could have been there!

All of my boys were CRAZY about the many fireworks stands and so we stopped at lots, and loaded up! This stand was on a reservation just 1/2 hour south of the Seattle area, and they sold these super cool water proof fire crackers, that have become our summer's "science projects". Let's see how it explodes in the pool - AWESOME! Ooh, let's try it in a bucket - SWEET! Hey, what about in a soda can - DUDE, DID YOU SEE THAT?!! I got fully invested in sparklers, my fave, and planned some creative photo opps with them that I have yet to legally use.

As a kid myself, every trip to Seattle meant eating on the Wharf at IVAR's. And so, we had to eat there too - along with the same seagulls that were there _____ years ago. The most delicious clam chowder that only 2 kids dare try, and only one wolfed down. No surprises there, this kid will eat anything!
This is one of a small handful of pics that I am actually in... I got up the courage to trust a stranger to use my Canon 50D to take our pic, but I picked a stranger that I knew I could outrun - hehe! We are on a ferry heading to Bainbridge Island across the Puget Sound - and the gal did pretty good, she got the space needle (space ship on a stick) in the shot from a moving ferry! This is when the wind blown look is not working for me.
Our view of Bainbridge Island, at 9:30 p.m. - the sun stays up REALLY late!Love, love the neon lights at night - camera candy!
My favorite place in all of Seattle, is the world renowned, Pike's Place Market - Mr. Gonzaga was not with us, it was a super busy day at the market and I had to snap quickly before 15 other people crossed in front of us!
Ever read the book FISH? It is all about this fish company on the corner of Pike's and they have so much fun at work, they sing, and throw fish and are calling out to each other all the time - it's a show, for sure! This photo is of a fish flying from the front, iced area to the back to get wrapped up! There were at least 35 people crowded around just to watch and tons walking busily by.
My fave in the market is the rows and rows of fresh flowers, of which I took many photos, but these flowers were my favorite - they are simple so lovely, and feminine!
Watching the artists, and craftsmen doing all kinds of things from painting, to knife making.

And this group won the craziest street performers of the day. Notable mention goes to the Funky Men's Quartet, the hippie with the banjo and the young girl on the violin. In this group, the person on the far left is a girl that doesn't shave (how does my hubby notice? don't know..) Oh, Seattle, Seattle! Only in Seattle!


Tracey said...

It is so good to see your family on your blog - looks like you had a great time in Seattle! Your photography just keeps getting better & better - it looks awesome!

Sarah said...

Love Seattle! And I love seeing the whole family on your blog (you included). You look just as pretty as I remember you from Kennewick.

j.peri said...

Turkish Delight reminds me of
Narnia. :)
I love them!
I can't wait to see those soda ones!
I'm so excited!
I hope I get all of my classes with your daughter.
i love her.
i love you.


Amy said...

Tracey - thank you - it's a fun and exciting journey!

Sarah - can't wait to meet again!

J.Peri - posted some on Facebook - you look go-jus! Cause you are!

diane said...

Beautiful pics of a beautiful family in a beautiful place!
I took the boys to Seattle once last year and they still talk about it today. Pike's is electric; the Space Needle amazing; Pier 54 enchanting. Is there any cooler place for 2 boys than Ye Olde Curiosity Shop? Thanks for reminding me of wonderful memories I have stored away.

Stephanie Muir said...

Amy your pictures are amazing! I love the wheat field!!!!