Photography 101 and 102 - Fall Session

For those of you that have been waiting, my photography classes are back! I am excited to be offering Photography 101 and 102 on Tuesdays, September 14th and 21st from 9-12 in the morning. Please email me to get registered.

I love this class! It is one thing to read your manual and try to figure out your camera, but it is quite another thing to learn from a person. It's even better in a group setting, because others will ask questions you may not have, but would love to know. We will learn a concept, and then go and practice shooting for a few minutes using that concept, then come back to the classroom and learn another concept.

Here are the two classes...
Class 101 - $95
Toddler Tricks
Clarity and Focus
Using the Creative modes (not Auto)
Aperature Priority
Shutter Priortiy

Class 102 - $95
Lenses - why, which, when?
Depth of Field
White Balance
Focus Points - toggling
Shutter Speed
Manual Mode

Both classes combined: $190

Class will be held at my office suite in Gilbert (Cooper and Ray area)

As always, class size will be limited, so that I can be sure to provide attention to all the students, and your seat for the class will be held with your non refundable registration.

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Nichole said...

Do you have room in your classes? email me nichole@the-barneys.com