Boys will be boys

I must admit, that boys are hard to take pictures of. Not because they aren't cute, not because they are too wiggly, and not because they won't smile. Simply because they hate having their pictures taken. So, that gives me a very small window of time when they are behaving just like their mom had threatened or bribed them to in the car on the way to the shoot, and the time when they have had enough of me and my camera in their face. And depending on the boy that window of time is super small, my son's window is the smallest (erg)!

THESE boys, however were fantastic! It helped that we were in a junkyard, smart thinking on Mom's part! And they are just dang good boys. And of course the sweet 18 month old sister, which I will tell you about 18 month olds in another post. My favorite shot is the one of all the kids. You can see each of their personality even by the way they are hanging on to each other. Seriously cute boys...

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Sashay~Vanessa said...

Love these pictures and I do have to say I love this family. They are SPECIAL people and always so great to my family and I.