Country Wedding

It was the kind of wedding that people talked about for weeks. The reception was so much fun that people stayed and stayed and stayed. Both the Bride and the Grooms family brought fun and crazy traditions, that it made for a perfect day and a wonderful night. It was a lil' bit country, as she rides, boards, and does everything horses, and he is going to school to prepare for a career with horses as well. The dance floor was packed all night, and the bride led the way for all of the line dances, and made some quick cash with the "dollar dance". I loved that most of the guests wore jeans, and the food was cooked in either a dutch oven, or the "pit", and it was all delicious! So glad I could be here to capture this event!

The little cowboys at the top of the picture were all eyes on the mechanical bull, and the big cowboys at the bottom of the picture were all eyes on the cowgirls!


Amy said...

These are awesome! Is it because I know them that I love them so much? Nope, it's the photography!!!

Anonymous said...

Sister Fraughton your Pictures are so cute which boo and marilyn's Wedding Reception was fun wasn't it and it was fun Hanging out w/ mallory and tell mallory and randi and all of the other girls that i miss them love ya Sister Fraughton !!!! Peace OUT Sister