St. Lucia

We just got back from the most amazing experience in St. Lucia! My parents are serving an 18 month mission there, and so my hub and I decided to go out and stay a few days.... it was absolutely incredible!! Because my parents are "locals", we got to see what no tourist gets to see, and experience so much of the culture. My parents drove us all over the island meeting people, seeing different sites, and getting the St. Lucian experience. Here is what I tried to bring home with us...

My parents relaxing after the most incredible snorkeling afternoon near Soufriere. We were swimming with thousands of fish. We could see clearly 15 feet below, and I just kept thinking I was swimming in a giant aquarium. It was amazing! I can't believe I didn't have an underwater camera, but entertained the thought of wrapping my camera up in a few zip lock bags and taking it diving, ha ha!

The above 4 shots were taken in a little village called Anse La Raye. We stopped here for a quick break on a road trip, and it was one of my favorite things. The locals had just pulled in the catch of the week, and were happy to show us as they were getting ready for their Friday night fish fry. The little fish above are sardines, and I don't know what this blue fish is called, but look closely at his mouth. His mouth looks like it has red lips and bucky front teeth and bottom teeth. When I was snorkeling, a fish just like this was straight below me and looked right up at me with his bucky looking smile, so he looked like he was grinning right at me, it was so funny, so I started calling him the "bucky beaver" fish.

We snorkeled every day. My parents live just up the hill from an amazing beach that was practically private. My hub loved swimming. This is how I wanted to remember him from the trip, with his feet sticking out as he dove under, cause this is what he did all the time.

I loved going to the market, we'd buy our fresh fruits from here. So proud of my 70 year old Mom to go snorkeling with me... not many can say their Mom would do that!

It was so cool to see fishing boats like this come right up to the beach, and bring in their huge fish they had caught that day and sell them to the restaurants for that night's dinner. We don't get this fresh of fish in Arizona!

St. Lucia's landmarks, the breath taking Pitons.

I loved that we were introduced to fruits and plants we had never even heard of. I was happy to try everything, but didn't love it all. The above plate was a Tuna dish, we ate on the restaurant patio that was on a hill overlooking a fishing village, and it was raining a tropical hard, and misty rain, that lasted for only a few minutes. This Tuna was great!

My Dad is showing us how to eat the mangos. First you squish them to get them juicy, then you bite a hole in the skin and then suck out the juice. He also made us fresh mango smoothies... oh my gosh they were to die for!

I'll try to get some pictures of the neat people we met there. Their accents are so fun, and they are all so friendly. We loved our trip and kept wishing we would have brought our kids to be able to experience this other world that we did. Amazing...

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Tina said...

Love this!! So cool! Hope all is well momma :)