Nocturnal Zoo

I got an awesome opportunity to shoot the Phoenix Zoo's "Prowl and Play" event that they host during the summer. The event starts in the late afternoon and it goes through the evening. It's the best time to be at the zoo! The temperature was fantastic, there was added entertainment, and the temperature was great!

One of my highlights was getting the MEDIA PASS!!! This meant that people would smile when I lifted my camera, I could go straight to the front of the lines, and even into VIP areas! Woo HOO!

I had no idea that Giraffe's tongues were as long as their necks... this was the cool!

They have an amazing splash area that looks like the inside of a cavern... so fun!

The kids got to drive remote control boats in Stingray Bay...

There was a children's theater that had actors come and show you what some of the animals do at night...

This was totally cool. They take you on Night Hikes and we got to see the Elephants from two different angles. This girl was very entertaining!

Some of the other animals at the Zoo and what the Zoo looks like at night!


Marry said...

AMAZING! Love them, Love you- what great in the moment shots.

Tracey said...

Awesome pictures!

Maddycakes said...

Totally love these pics...you are so funny with your media badge!!