Father's Day Tribute

While I was at my Dad's house, I was able to grab a couple of snaps of things that remind me of him. Happy Father's Day Dad, I love you very much!

Dad's tie collection.... the world's largest!

My Dad is the hardest worker there is, and taught us to be the same. Thank you Dad.

He is always a teacher, and always a student.

He also has the world's largest green thumb.

He loves Christ. And so do I.

Dad is always losing his reading glasses, so I loved this, and that he loves architecture and design. This stand I found the glasses on reminded me of that.

He was a pilot.

His shoe collection rivals his tie and plant collection. You could say he collects. :) Luv ya pops!

No matter where he has lived or visited, he is fascinated with plants of that area.

There is much more to be said about this great man, but I will save that for us....

Happy Father's Day Dad! Thanks for your service!!

Love you tons!


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