So Cali... So Fun...

We were lucky to spend a few days away recently in Newport Beach. Of course, we had a great time. Our good friends were able to come and play for a day, and the rest of the time was just us and the kids. I love doing things with just my kids. I love them building up their relationships and memories, and I love just enjoying them, with no interruptions. This was a no work week for me, so it included lots of snuggling, playing, napping, and more. As much as I love all of that, I am glad to be back, and feel productive again. Seriously, I would probly have depression creep in on me if I could sleep in every day like that. Call me crazy, but I have to feel productive. I guess it goes with what I am always telling my kids - work makes you happy!

It was also fun to just play with my camera with no specific goals or shots in mind.

I love piers! I love the underneath part of the piers... here are our friends... the most kicked back, easiest people to be around who happen to have kids exactly our kids ages... how convenient for us!!

Tori M, if your reading this, OH MY!! This is by far the best resort we've ever stayed in!! Marriott's Newport Coast Villas. We spent tons of time playing pool by the pool, tennis, ping pong, game rooms, treasure hunts, smores by the fire, hot tub, it had everything! AND a gorgeous view of the ocean! Mom, if your reading this.... THANK YOU for the gift of your time share points!! Best Christmas present ever!! We will be going back!

We asked the kids if they wanted to make us breakfast one morning.. and we gave them the idea of milk shakes for breakfast which Chase was crazy about! I think the kids didn't believe that we would really let them have milk shakes for breakfast, but really, how does it compare to sugar cereal, and waffles with syrup? Oh, we had that too... tee hee... c'mon it was vacation!! We're back to our spinach smoothies this week, kind of. This beautiful morning had a glorious fog, so you can't see the ocean, but I love the fog!

Casey could not pull himself away from the SUNS game which he watched in the TEEN ROOM! We can always pretend we're young right?

This is how I play with my camera... all of the above shots were taken with the only happy available children (which my boys are never happy and available for me to practice). I loved the lights of the night, the reflections across the pool, and the funky pool light that made for some pretty weird shots. I love to play camera!!! Mallory is in camera training too, and she played with a shallow depth of field one day... my hope is that one day, she'll grab the camera, so that there is record of all of these great people having a mom... I got no shots of me, sigh...

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