Can I keep my 7?

Dear Mr. Summer,

I only have a few days left till you arrive. Everyone is so excited about you, and I am too, really I am. I'm excited about the watermelon for breakfast, the snuggly kids, the REDBOX nights... but if you could just not take away my precious 7, then my world would be so very perfect!

Call me ungrateful if you like, but I'm really not. I truly enjoy everything you bring. I love the lazy pajama days, the root beer floats, and the drive in movies. I can't wait for the road trips, the warm beach, and the tan that only lasts for one week. But why when you bring all of that, do you have to take so much at the same time? If you realized the joy and peace the 7 brings me, I think you'd reconsider taking it with such drastic measure.

Would you possibly consider a trade? I'll trade you all the black licorice in the world, in fact I'll never eat another piece, if you let me keep my 7. What? Who told you? Yes, I loathe black licorice, but as long as you like the stuff, it's still a fair trade right?

Maybe a compromise? You give all the library reading contests, the sleep in mornings, and homemade popsicles you want, and I'll find ways to scatter the 7. So it would be more like 2, then 3, then 1/2... yeah, no... I can see already that won't work either.

So, farewell my 7, I surrender you to Mr. Summer. Bring on the camping, the tire swing, and the trips to the mall with the teenager. I will adore and embrace it all. I will. My 7 will have to wait... 3 long months when you leave and take your beach towels, sunscreen and barbecues. I will miss you then, but will be ecstatically and desperately grateful to be reunited with my precious 7. My precious 7 hours of peace and quiet I get each day while schools in session!


Kelli Brown said...

So true! Great post.

Amy said...

Hey Kelli,
We'll miss having our BBQ with you guys at the softball tourney...