My favorite place!

My favorite place in all of Arizona is Oak Creek Canyon. Mostly because it doesn't look like all of Arizona! It reminds me of my roots - the Great Northwest with large trees over growing the small windy road, a lovely creek that follows you out the car window! We've been coming up here to play with the kids for years, but I've never been here with a good camera and the know how to use it! So, I set up this weekend back in Novemeber for any family that loves the fall leaves - here is your eye candy - not only gorgeous fall colors, but an adorable family! These are some of the neatest people and the greatest parents! She is so structured, and provides so many learning opportunities for her kids... I love being in her space!


Amy said...

Adorable!!! Ditto everything you said. The pictures are great and so is this sweet family!

nancy said...

Love these photos and this family, they are really sweet looking. I think I know right where you were in Oak Creek, which is also one of my favorite places in this state. Once again Fantastic job!!!