Minnie Sessions a hit!

My family and I had a great time on Saturday with our Minnie Sessions! We met so many adorable kids like this little guy who was squirting smiles right and left! A huge thank you to all the families that participated, you have made a difference to the little kiddos in Peru that are starving for an education, read more below!

We learned more about the SKIP foundation. They are actually quite amazing. They are doing everything they can to help the children in Peru to have an education, which doesn't come free. They are helping to pay for educations, as well as supplementing the educational process. The area in Peru that they are devoting their time is very poor and if the children don't have the opportunity to an education, their area will continue in it's unfortunate path of poor conditions and heavy drug problems. So, in fact, they are not only trying to help the children but to help change the country as these children grow into Peru's future. I just found out that with the money we raised, the SKIP foundation will be able to purchase a reading scheme, something they were really hoping to get. It is a graduated book series so the kids can track reading progression. Thanks again to the participating families! To find out more about SKIP click here.

We ended our day with the opportunity to photograph this sweet guy. Mr. D. has been suffering from seizures since he was a baby, and has the best attitude. He never quits smiling. His mind is still very young although his body isn't. He eats through a tube, and loves to be talked to. Here is just a sample of this sweet young man, more to come later. I know his family was excited for some great pictures of him, since he's never had that. But, for me and my kids, it was so fun to meet him, interact with him and help rub his legs when he needed it. As a mother, I am always grateful for opportunities like this for my children. You want your children to learn gratitude, humility, acceptance and love for everyone. His mother shared that some people never get comfortable around him, and it can be awkward. But we found by getting to know him, he left us with a peaceful and sweet feeling. You can't ever leave a child like this and feel like a victim yourself, but you feel that maybe you have more to give this world for all that you've been given.

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