Photography Classes are back!!

It's time!! With lots of new cameras and equipment under the tree this year, I thought it would be great to get the popular basic photography classes going again in January! I am also selling gift certificates for the class, you might want to put these under the tree with the camera!! These are both basic classes, but pretty fast paced. We take a learn and shoot approach, so we will teach about a topic, and then stop and shoot that concept, then move to the next concept. We will also explore the functions of your camera, get you off of auto, and teach you when and why to use which buttons.

Here are the two classes...
Class 101 - $95, early bird special for $75

Toddler Tricks
Clarity and Focus
Using the Creative modes (not Auto)

Aperature Priority

Shutter Priortiy

Class 102 - $95, early bird special for $75

Lenses - why, which, when?

Depth of Field
White Balance

Focus Points - toggling




Shutter Speed

Manual Mode

Both classes combined: $190, early bird special for $140

Class 101 will be held on Wednesday, January 13th from 9:00 - 12:00, and class 102 will be held on Wednesday, January 20th from 9:00 - 12:00. The location for both classes is still to be determined. As always, class size will be limited, so that I can be sure to provide attention to all the students, and your seat for the class will be held with your non refundable registration.
Register now before the early bird special runs out!

Also, here is my official announcement for a
basic photoshop class! I have had so so many requests for this class, and I still don't have the logistics for it figured out, but I will be holding a basic photoshop class in February, sometime, on a Saturday, for at least 6 hours. The class will cover the basics on the tools, layers, organizing your photos and of couse photo editing (see the images below). Take your photos from drab to AMAZING!!

In fact, if anyone can help me with a location that will power many laptops and is available on a Saturday for a good part of the day, please let me know. Maybe we can work a deal out with your registration as well.
Registration for this class is not open yet, but please let me know that your interested, and I will get you on my list. If your interested in any and all of the above classes, please email me and/or comment below.

Before Photoshop

After Photoshop
Before Photoshop
After Photoshop

Before Photoshop

After Photoshop

Ha! Got ya!
Register soon!!


Denny Family said...

Do you have a "long distance" way to teach the photoshop class. I have lots of Dallas Friends that would be VERY interested in this but... we obviously are kinda far. Thanks. Torrie

Kerri said...

Hey! I am for sure interested in your photoshop class so please keep me posted. Thanks Amy!


Amy said...

Torrie, I would love to come to Dallas this summer and do some classes, and photo shoots if there is enough interest. Then we could visit family too... I'm always up for travel!

Kerri - I've got you down!

Carlie said...

I'm interested in the 101 and 102 in January. I'd do the Photoshop also, but I'm having a baby in Feb. (Hopefully, you'll offer it again?)

I've hinted at this several times for a Christmas present, even "accidentally" leaving a list with your information on it, but just in case (you never know with men) here's my email: mikecarlie95@yahoo.com


nancy said...

I am interested in the 101 and 102 in January, just have to confirm I can get the days off work. How do I go about registering? Thanks Nancy

Kim said...

I am interested in the photoshop class. Let me know.