San Jose family

While we were in San Francisco this summer, I had a session booked with this family. It was my first time in San Francisco, a place I'd been wanting to visit my entire life, and so as we are driving through this fantastic city, I am getting very frustrated that this family didn't pick to shoot right in the downtown SF area... how could I be in this great city, and not have anyone to shoot in the streets? Then it hit me, "kids, tomorrow morning, we are doing a Fraughton family photo shoot!" I will post our pics soon, but now I can only thank this family, as I would have never thought to do my own family shoot there, and now I have some great stuff.
And, even better, this family found a beautiful area for our shoot! I couldn't be happier with the images, especially of their daughter. I don't know what it was about her, but I loved taking pictures of her! Loved that she was beautiful, but didn't think so, loved that she carried a spunk and an attitude that comes with her age, loved that she really felt awkward in front of the camera, but everything came out so stunning with her! When you create images that you love, it feels that you got paid in so many other ways.

I also have to thank the family for including me in their prayers. They sent me a copy of the email each of the kids got that day as a reminder of the time, wardrobe, and location, and in the bottom added a sweet reminder for everyone to pray that the experience would be fun and that it would be an heirloom for generations. I really really loved my job that day!

This shot above is my new current favorite image - it takes my breath away!

I loved that this couple were still so into each other!!


Rachael said...

OMG....These are gorgeous Amy! Well done!

Heidi said...

These are amazing! Beautiful work as always.

Amy said...

Thanks Rachael and Heidi -
fun to see you on Clicknmoms, Heidi!

Jamie said...

Wow! Your photography is beautiful! I sure wish you lived in So. Cal so you could update our family picture for us. It's been about 10 years since our last one.

By the way, I found your blog through Amy Froerer. Isn't she the best?

Amy said...

Jamie - I will be in So Cal in Oct. and have a couple spots left... contact me if your interested! Yes, Amy is an amazing friend to everyone, but especially me!

Jen Hippen said...

Awe...I love this family too!! My niece corrie - and nephews - are awesome people and you really captured everything about their family...and my sister and brother - in - law are pretty fantastic as well!! great job!! thank you Amy!

xoxoxo ~Lori said...

Beautiful pics! :)