I need your opinion!

I am so excited! The Clickin Moms forum is hosting a photo contest this month that ends on Friday and the theme is "Back to School". I had the chance to take tons of shots with these cute girls and this old bus, and loved them.... but, can't decide which photo to enter??? Can you help me out? I am placing a poll in the right hand column where you can just click really easily to tell me your favorite before I enter the contest.

Also, feel free to leave a comment if you like the photo, but would change the colors in the post processing, or any other idea that you might have to help me!! Thanks so much - you are all so awesome!!

Image #1 - Two Littles

Image #2 - Aspiring Girls

Image #3 - Bus-y Feet

Image #4 - Window Love


Tracey said...

Amy - You are getting so good - I love your work. My favorite is # 2.

Erica said...

Hard to choose between #1 and #3! You are so very talented!

http://princessnoelle99.blogspot.com said...

Amy, I love #2. Thanks for doing our pictures. I had so much fun!!!