The West Coast Sampler trip!

We just got back from our 2 week trip to the West Coast and it was completely fantastic!! I've had some ask about the trip, and some ask about the views, and some ask about the photo opps, so I am going to be posting a little here and there in an attempt to journal while it's still a fresh memory, and to start on the hundreds of photos taken. I'll also be sharing some photography tips with some of the photos for those of you who like taking pics. The editing will all be done in Lightroom, and be very minimal - a litte boost of yellow, fix the exposure and slight sharpening. If I had all the time in the world, I would take each photo into my Photoshop CS4 and do some real work there. But, what most people don't know is that some photos I work on for 1/2 hour!! Partly because the actions take a while to run, partly because I'm still learning and experimenting, and partly because there is a lot of work to be done on the image (color correcting, exposure fixes, popping the subject, sharpening the eyes, fixing blemishes, under eye circles and wrinkles, nips and tucks and facelifts, truly, my goal is to make you look 18 again!! J/K But 1/2 of the art is in the editing...

Not for these posts though, they'll never be posted if I do that... stuck in the hard drive forever!

Soooo, our first stop was Ogden, Utah - Grandma and Papa and cousins. We've been planning this trip for months, talking with the kids about everything we were going to see (the entire West coast), and getting them excited, but when asked, they all said they were most excited to go see the cousins, grandparents and our good friends in Kennewick, WA. What???? Your not excited to go see Seattle and the Oregon Coast???? What about the Redwoods??? WOW! Makes you realize how very important relationships are, and how much stinkin' money we were wasting going everywhere they didn't care about - just kidding! Funny enough, in the end, it (the family and friends) was still their favorite part of the trip, but I am greatful I could expose my kids to some culture, natural beauty, and good old family time as we lived from the minivan for 2 weeks. Think Griswolds. Next summer? We'll just ship the kids to Papa's for 2 weeks, and the hubby and I will go see the world and we'll all be happy!! :)

By the way these pics are going to all be smaller too, to get them posted in a timely manner! Feel free to comment -it adds to the fun!

I love pics that have emotion, so I make them run, and they end up laughing!!

The best part about Papa's? A bonfire with hotdogs and marshmellows in the backyard which is situated at the base of the gorgeous mountains, has wild peacocks that come through it, and big trees and green lush grass that smells so yummy - (like grass - I love it)!! Oh yeah, and Grandma's famous thin pancakes!!

This shot is done intentionally with a shallow depth of field - the feathery plants are in focus, and the group is out of focus - my aperture was probly around F1.8 for this shot... I love, love, love, to shoot like this! (Looks better bigger, sorry)

Obviously, love to shoot like this! F1.4 on this one, shallow depth of field - and I missed the flame that was engulfing the marshmellow - oh to be a kid and to light everything allowed on fire! Marshmellows are allowable for the first 10, then you have to eat them starting with 11, 12, 13...

Grandma and Papa both in their elements!!

It was great weather, a great stay, and fun to see everyone! I did make it down to the Union Station and shot some pics of my Sister-in-laws cute family... LOVE the trains, the tracks, the old buildings.. etc... such eye candy for the photographer in me!! Next post - Kennewick, Washington


Mallory Fraughton said...

Hey Mamacita! Im not in ANY of those!!! Whats going on here???
haha loves,

The Froerer's said...

I love the pictures it totally captures the memories! You are sooo awesome.

Mary said...

I'm loving your trip recap...you are too funny and your photos...wow!! I also love how you explain what your going for in the shot and what your settings are. Helps the clueless trying to get a clue. I totally agree that AZ lacks the old, the green and history but now we appreciate it more...right?! (Post some oregon coast shots PLEASE!! maybe not, i'll be home sick). I'm a fan amy!

Amy said...

Mallory, be patient, your in 75% of all the other photos....

Mary - Oregon photos coming soon, that was my favorite part of the trip...I LOVE OREGON! I have conceded that while we don't have the old, the green, and the history, we do have the sunshine year around, while other photographers have to stay in studios for 7-8 months... so lucky are we!