Adventures in Photography

I LOVE a good location, and think it is so important! So, when this Mom told me she was taking the 10 year old daughter's party to the Royal Palms in Phoenix, I was so excited!! So, we get the party started and are shooting some reallly fun group shots in an absolutely beautiful courtyard, and along comes the security and tries to tell us we don't have the right permission to shoot there. What is it with great locations being so off limits? Crazy!! So, he goes to double check, and I start rushing the girls to get as many photos in before we get kicked out! Turns out, he was wrong, Mom (of course) had pre-arranged everything and we were able to finish up - good thing, because the Birthday girl was soo beautiful and very photogenic! All the girls were so dang cute and easy to work with.

Must mention, the Mom is Charlotte Steill, and is an amazing professional organizer. You can check her blog out here. www.simplyputorganizing.com , she has been featured on Sonoran Living alot and has clients all over the valley that she has helped. She's fantastic, and a wonderful person.

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