Toddler Tricks

I am so thankful that I learned the "toddler tricks" that I did! Could you not just eat these two up? Love the little outfits that Mom put together, and their stylin do's! They did a great job of playing in front of my camera, and with each other, which is just what I wanted to capture... and, as with all young children, they were very busy! So, at the right time, when we are wanting just a couple more photo ops, we pull out the "tricks" and they work! Well, ok, maybe it's just these 2 kids are so good, and cute, and edible, that they would've burned up my camera space anyway, but I still believe in my "toddler tricks".


Crissybug said...

Is this the same Amy Fraughton that used to sell MaryKay? Your photos are fabulous!

Kristen said...

Oh K and N are such little HAMS....I love these. Mama C looks beautiful!

Great Job Amy, I am so glad I sent them over. I knew they would love you.