This shoot was a pure joy for me! This family has not had an easy year, and I really wanted to capture them enjoying each other as another reminder of the blessings that their family has. But their kids are so beautiful, I ended up focusing on their eyes, and just how cute they are...we did have some fun though... check the flickr... oh, and Mom...your pics are ready to pick up!

I think this image is one of my favorites to date... and this kid... well... check my flickr - I could eat him up!

This image has got to be my second favorite - she takes my breath away!!


Kristen said...

Amy, I was crying just looking at these.....you did an amazing job in capturing just how perfect these kids are. I love them to death.

Thank you so much.


Jan said...

Just found your blog on FB and I love your photos! I just linked you on my blog. It's private so I'll send you an invite. You are so talented!!