Girly Wirly's!!

Can you imagine how much fun this was? I love opportunities to be creative, and this "Glamour Shots Party Package" offered all the right things... darling girls, super cute pettis, and the perfect location! Little Miss "A" turned 8, and this is only a part of her party... can you stand it?
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Here's the Birthday girl.... lookin like a magazine model!!
Are those Skechers??

Driving to the party, I about died when I saw the neighbor kids out with this absolutely darling lemonade stand... so I HAD to make the girls stop for a photo... it was funny to watch the neighbor boys slowly back away from the lemonade stand as 8 little glittery, giggly, princesses jumped out of the car and ran over for a photo... LOL... thanks neighbors for the great photo opp..
can you say "Hallmark Greeting Card" ... hmmm...?

two dah-ling sistahs!
Check my flickr for all the other girly wirly's!!


shawni said...

These are so great, Amy! I can't believe how great you are at getting the word out and doing the business part of this too. I need to pick your brain a little about that! ANyway, great job.

Kristen said...

So cute....I think one of these girls are in Miss Rolinger's class, my sister. One of them is my neighbor! Small world huh? What pretty girls and it looks like they had the best time!

Am I too old for a photo shoot with my friends?

Tracey said...

Your pictures look great... you have so much talent! Thanks so much for helping me on Monday!


I am loving these! can't wait to get the copies. They Look absolutely FABULOUS!