Dance Baby Dance!

I was so glad I caught this, little Miss Addie turned 7. She sings and she dances and she skips all the time... the happiest little girl. Sigh. Makes me just wonder about kids. Do you wonder? Maybe it's amazement. Or just memories. I guess it just puts me in her little self for a bit. So happy and carefree...

You've got to check into the dance studio that I love. Michelle Taylor is phenomenal!! She still dances professionally herself, and she creates the CUTEST dance routines and costumes! It's located in the area of Higley and Guadalupe, and she is offering HIP HOP this year... YEAH! Chase is signed up and anxious to go, unfortunately I am too old :( Anyway, Michelle told me yesterday she still has some openings in her classes, and so I thought I would share with everyone that has a little dancer at home.

You can contact Michelle and get the scoop at her email: taylorddance@gmail.com

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