Hip Hop for Moms?

I could watch hip hop dancers all... day... long... That and surfers. But have you seen Step Up 3? Oh MY!! I've never really liked 3D movies, but this was insane!! Amazing creativity was used and the dancers... jeesh... they can do things I never knew were possible! We were watching So You Think You Can Dance last night, and were in complete awe of the Hip Hop routines, (and all of them for that matter). We were totally laughing at ourselves, cause as we were watching the routines, I would notice my muscles would do a little spasm and a twitch as if my body wanted to get up and get dancing right there... Mallory was having the same thing going on and we were just dying laughing. Truth be told though, if I could find a hip hop class for Mamas, I would be there! Is that an oxymoron? Hip Hop for Moms?

So, in honor of Hip Hop week at our house, thought I would showcase some more of this awesome crew that I got to shoot, (and they wouldn't teach me anything, dang it) they are a local group, but amazing! They battle all over the place!

This last shot is my favorite! Right after I shot it I was kicking and squeeling with delight!

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Sarah said...

w.o.w. that last picture kills me.