Cherish - lifestyle photography

As a lifestlye photographer, you always hope your client gets the fact that your goal is not always to have everyone looking in the camera and smiling so cheesy, but to capture the relationships that your family has, the connections and the closeness. And as much as I show that on my blog and portfolios, sometimes people are still searching for the picture where everyone is looking at the camera. When I met with this cute family, the kids were, well let's just say they were full of personality that day :) I will take personality over perfect behavior any day, it's much easier to shoot and capture the fun stuff! So, when I sent the pics to the Mom, I was so relieved that she "got it" and also loved it! She loved that we captured the playfulness and more. Her favorite word and theme is "cherish" and I think we caught so many shots of them cherishing the kids. So, we are planning a beach shoot with them this fall... can't wait to play with these darlings in the sand!

The family shot above is my very fave! Notice that the mom and the boy aren't even looking at the camera. What I love is the way the boy seems to just be lovin on his Dad and the Mom is just adoring her cute daughter! Love it!!

The collage above was done by the very talented Elena Yeager. She is amazing and takes images and collates this art onto canvas and then finishes with a super nice lacquer (or something like it). This tiny picture does not do it justice, you have to see it for yourself. This is 40 inches long and 30 inches high. Beautiful!!

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