The coolest relationships...

I've got to tell you about this amazing girl, her amazing Mom, and her 2 amazing brothers, and their amazing relationship... but, really, I hope the pictures tell the story better than the words, because that was my goal.

Meet Caleigh, full of life, naturally beautiful, always cheerful, always dancing! She is such a breath of fresh air!

Meet Caleigh's Mom, Charlotte Steill, also full of life, also beautiful, and have I told you about her before? Yes, she is the professional organizer - my pantry and I both love her (more about that soon). These 2 are so close. They love to snuggle on the couch, watch movies, go shopping, and much more. They also love Sprinkles cupcakes, like my daughters and I do!

Can you tell what book they are reading? Yeah, my 13yr. old daughter spotted "Twilight" before I could even ask.

Meet Caleigh's 2 half brothers. I hope this picture "tells the story" of how they adore her so, and how she adores them even more. It is truly the sweetest thing to watch... here was my attempt below.

The "secret handshake" with one brother.

The other brother, he plays and plays, and she dances and dances...

And here is some of my art.... with great people in it...

You can imagine how much fun this was so shoot! Caleigh's Mom was so great to pull this together for Caleigh and her brothers (they have the same Dad) to document their relationship! It was truly my honor to be around them and witness the respect and admiration they all had for each other.

It's funny, you spend an hour or maybe two with a family, and your not interviewing them, your not asking a hundred questions, but in that short time, you can totally "get" people's personalities, and how the relationships work. Who admires who, who's the funny one, who is the thoughtful one, who creates the peace. It is a joy to watch and be a part of and record all at the same time, and I always hope that I record it right.


Roden5 said...

Hey, Amy, just thought I'd comment on what an amazing job you are doing. I am always on here, looking to see what you've done, but I don't usually say hi. I love your work and we all miss you and your family! Lisa Roden

Amy said...

Thanks Lisa -
I really appreciate your comments! Miss and love you guys!