Baby Blue Eyes

Does anyone mind seeing Halloween pictures in January? Or March? Oh, the curse of being a professional photographer is that your stuff always comes last, right? I have some super cute pics of Labor Day, some fantastic shots done in September with friends, and now with Halloween, I've got the guilt that I'm already too late to post them.... but, my only option is to be okay with Halloween pics when I get to them, which may be in January, or March... hope that's okay with you too. My hats off to everyone else who has already blogged about all of the cute-ness of Halloween... the pics are the best part!

On a fun note, I spent yesterday getting pics up in Glitterbox - so go stop by and see, and get ready to fall in love! The girls, the petti's, the colors!! It's all too much fun! Next week we start shooting for all 8 different parties - they have the cutest parties ever! Can't wait to shoot that!

And I have to leave you with these fantastic pics of Miss J! She is just naturally so beautiful! Her eye color is not enhanced! She was born with those blues!! I love doing Senior pics!!

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