So Contagious!

This post is a bit image heavy, but I had such a great time doing this photo shoot, and there are so many amazing images of these girls to share! As some of you know, I am now working with Contagious and Glitterbox boutiques, and did this photo shoot just a few weeks ago... they have the cutest designer jeans, and all for under $49. I did take a bunch of pics of the details on the jeans, jewelry, etc. for the store's marketing, but wanted to keep this post of the girls... aren't they all fantastic! A big shout out to my favorite Mr. Benson, who brought the truck in just for this shoot! He and his wife are just the best!!

I have to say, I now am the excited owner of numerous Contagious jeans, and my daughter's are also being outfitted by Contagious and Glitterbox, and I get so many compliments on the jeans, everytime I wear them... love them! They are also doing "On The Go" parties, where you can be the hostess, they bring all the jeans, tops, and jewelry to you and your friends, and as the hostess you get 10% of all sales towards any merchandise. Hmmm..... Oh, and if your one of my out of town followers, and want to order by phone, they do ship.... call Contagious at 480-615-0110. Their blog is here.

So, sit back and enjoy the virtual fashion show! Fall merchandise will be hitting their stores soon!


diane said...

How cute! I love when Mallory is whispering in the other girl's ear. It made me smile. =)

niknfil said...

Looks so great! Is that your daughter in some of those? She looks like you. I think I saw Misty too! She looks awesome! Tell her Hi from me! I love your pictures!