New website (fotoanswers.com) for all photography questions!!!
Win free photo session, mentoring or Amazon gift certificate!!
Many of you know that I started my photography hobby, career, and
business just one year ago, and have had some amazing success with
it so far. I knew when I got started that I wanted to create amazing
photos, but since I had just bought my first SLR, I didn't
know where to go and what to do to learn even the littlest things.
I thought about taking some photography classes at the college, but
wanted to work this around my family, and that would take alot of my
time. I also knew I wanted to get good fast, and didn't want to
wait for years in college classrooms to learn and grow. I wanted to
move faster. I was impatient and frustrated. What and where did I learn
the most? I went online. The photography field has an amazing
amount of free information online and I loved that I could learn and
grow when I wanted and in the areas that I knew I needed too. The
internet became my classroom. Well, now it's been a year, and I
have learned alot, practiced a ton, and have a lot of people asking
me for advice, which is fun. I love to share what I have learned,
and have been asked everything from what does AI Focus mean to
how should I price myself. Well, I am very excited to announce a
new website that you can have at your fingertips too. Whether you
are a hobbyist, just starting out, or a pro, there is a place for
you here. Fotoanswers.com is a unique website that allows you to go
and find answers to any of the questions that you have, and no
question is too small. Unlike most forums, however, the answers
can be voted up, and so when you are seeking information on
lighting, or compostion, the first answer you see will be the best
answer that the community finds. You won't have to scroll through
pages of responses to find the best answer, so it is much faster to
get your answers. Also, there are smart tags
on the side, so that again, instead of doing a time consuming search
on 'focus' or 'shooting families', you just click on the tag, and all
related questions will pop up. Brilliant, yes, and time saving!
You will have the best answers immediately. We are currently in the
building stages, and would love to have you come and post your own
questions and answers. I'll be there to provide my answers, and so
will many others. Then you can get the best information fast and
grow where and how you need to.

In fact, in an effort to build our community, we are offering one of
three prizes that you may choose from to help us get this going. If
after one month you are the user with the highest reputation you
will win your choice of any of these prizes!!
  • free photo session with me (valued at $200) or
  • two 1 hour telephonic mentoring sessions with me (valued at $130)
  • $100 Amazon gift certificate.
This site is definitely global, and so we
want to encourage all to use it and make it your own!

So, go and check it out and
get your reputation up - here are a
couple of ways:
Here is how the site works. Anyone can sign-up (did I mention that
it is free) then post or answer questions. Since fotoanswers.com
is a community site, the users (you) of the site decide which are
the best questions and answers by voting on them. In fact, you can
invite your friends to come to the site, help build and they can
vote on your answers as well! Each time a question or answer gets
voted up the person who asked the question gets 10 reputation points.

After you sign-up you can edit your profile by clicking on the link
in the gray box at the top of the screen to the left of “log
out”. In the profile you can change your screen name. You can also add
your real name
and email (these will not be visible on the site, but I can see them
as an administrator). You must add your email address to your profile so
I can notify the winner of the photo session.

Not interested in photography? We'd love it if you passed this
message on to your friends that are! Please send me an email if you
have any questions and thank you for helping
fotoanswers.com become the very best photography site.

Here's to learning at your own pace!


Terry said...

yay! this is awesome! i'll have to head on over and check it out.

Heidi said...

This is great! I can't wait to check it out.

Turley Family said...

i am so excited about this!