Ms. Carol's Gymkids

I thought that I would share the fun pics I took at Ms. Carol's Gymkids! Ms. Carol's is located on Gilbert and Southern, and offers all kinds of classes including gymnastics and dance. Somehow my youngest daughter got blessed with a flexible back, which makes no sense, since I am as flexible as a 2 x 4 and so is my older daughter. We are very envious that she can do bridge ups, seriously, that is not even an option for the rest of the family. So, since my daughter is taking from her, Ms. Carol and I are working together to create some art for her walls, and also some material for marketing. Her classes are fantastic, her new location is amazing and she is the greatest! Feel free to check her out at:


The gym is non competitive and classes start at $40/month! If you decide to go check them out, make sure you tell her Hi from me!

The above shot is one of our favorites, and will be going up on the walls!

This isn't my daughter, but fantastic nonetheless!

OK, I really would love to take this class - HIP HOP!! Check out these 2 punks! They were just killing it on the floor.... hmmm, I wonder if they'd let a 30 something mom of four, join their routine???? I mean, I am pretty "buck"....LOL

Love silhouettes!

Check the girl above out - so graceful and beautiful!!

How do you like my self portrait??? HA! Just kidding! Zumba classes are also offered there! Lots of shakin it up on the dance floor! I had to take advantage of the mirrors and beautiful wooden floors! Isn't she fantastic!


❤maddy❤ said...

I used to go to Ms. Carol's gym!!!! :) haha these are cool pictures! :)


Awesome! I gave Ms Carol your number a while ago. I am glad things worked out. I love your pictures, you have got some real talent Amy! :)

Sarah said...

beautiful. all of them.

Amy said...

Everyone loves Ms. Carol! Thanks Maddy and Kristen (miss you guys)!

Sarah - how are you feeling? Are you ready for twins?

Salina said...

Oh if only I lived closer!!

I'm Quite impressed that you used "Buck" properly...you are SO cool!

Great shots! I think my favorite is the back bend one!

Amy said...

Salina -

That just cracks me up! Is that really the "proper" use of "buck"??? Ha ha... slang, yes! Proper? well... but I'm totally down wit it, it's dope! (thanks to SYTYCD for my proper education :))

Spencer and Jessica Drew said...

those are great! I know Breanna, the girl doing the splits on the blue ground! I taught her voice lessons for a while!