A few beach shots

Well, since 1/2 the neighborhood had colds, we decided to join in on the fun! I have been first, and now my daughter - hopefully it stops there....it always amazes me that you can get a cold in the heat of summer! So, lots of Vit C (thanks Amy), lots of rest, and repeat... wish that's what I really could do....

Had to post these tonight - just some of the fun with the beach pics this year! The beach is so fantastic for shoots (October beach shoots still available)... you've got this beautiful natural and neutral background, and then bright pops of color with umbrellas, suits, boards, and more... the ocean is a wonder, the sand calls your name, and the sun - oh the warm, California sun!

My boys are like all other boys, they don't like getting their pictures taken. However, when it comes to their sports, they are asking all the time, and I come running, since it's a rare event (and I want them to think I'm a cool mom - hee hee). These first 3 shots we printed into posters, and hung in their bedroom, they are fantastic!

This picture above was taken by accident. I actually take alot of those accidental shots. Where I just happen to be shooting at the right moment, and it comes out as an incredible shot. When I first saw this on my laptop on I-10 heading home from the beach, I started laughing and showed everyone our little guy's "6 pack"! With a little photoshop, the colors are amazing, and our guy with 12 ribs and a 6 pack (or 2 pack?) is loving this poster!

This shot above is one of my favorites and was successful due to the fantastic lighting and knowing how to use it! It has made me start putting together a photography class just on lighting and how many creative ways you can use it to make some of the coolest images, like how to use backlight correctly, adding drama with side light, the beauty of sunflare, and how to create a silhouette. The class is in my head right now, and I'm thinking it would involve some models? It would be a super, way, fun class for anyone that loves photography as much as I do! I do cover lighting in my photog classes, but there is so much to cover, I can't do all the fun stuff and spend the time on it that I'd like. Anyone interested?



diane said...

Sooo very cool!
If you need an 8 year old boy to model, Eli LOVES that kind of thing. I think that he believes he is living in a magazine. :-)

Tracey said...

Your pics look awesome!

Roden5 said...

Oh man, let's go back! Can't wait to see more. I just don't understand why my pics didn't turn out like yours!? ;)

Amy said...

Diane - great when they come with confidence, huh?

Thanks Tracey!

Lisa - Meet us there Oct. 12 - 16 for Fall Break!! Maybe it's the camera??? :0)

Kerri said...

Wow, those beach shots are absolutely amazing!!!!!