Somebody call J.Crew!!

I've got their next top model!!
Miss A, from Kennewick, Washington was a dream to work with!!
1. She's beautiful 2. She hit every pose without coaching 3. She was willing to wear fun and funky outfits 4. She's beautiful 5. She was in for trying all the fun, crazy, different shots, even if it meant lying on a dirty concrete sidewalk, belly down, next to the homeless mission... a dream to work with, I tell ya! Thanks Miss A... it was all my pleasure! Check out more of her photos on my Facebook page (and become a fan while your there!)

Love the sun flare on this shot!

Everytime I see this shot, it reminds me of a Sketcher's shoe ad you'd find in a magazine! I really loved on this how the arch of the tunnel framed her, and the funky lights behind her came out so very cool! As if I had stuck my own colorful strobe lights there on purpose!

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