Behind in blogging!!

Help! I am soo behind in blogging! I have some of the most amazing pics from our trip this summer and can't seem to get them up here.... can anyone please invent some software where I push one button, and it will sharpen, resize, add logo, resave, upload to blog, comment AND make dinner??? I'm sure it's just around the corner....! Maybe the IPhone has an app for that!

So here is one super great looking family and they were so fun to shoot, and didn't mind the dark alley where we were shooting - I'm sure the Mom had all these pics in her head like I did in mine, so it's worth it!

I have to say that Mom is soo gorgeous! I took a kazillion of her, just cause she make's every shot fantastic, and that makes me look better - yes?

Here are just a few of my favorites from the day - a few more on my Facebook page... are you a fan yet? I love fans and comments!

Speaking of loves, I had the opportunity to teach a mini class last night with my photographer friend, and it was so much fun! You can tell when women get excited about things, and improving their pics was the hot topic of the night! I loved sharing the few things I know to such a great group, and seeing their enthusiasm for photography as well! I loved it! If you were in class with me, feel free to send along some of your photos to my be email, I'd love to see what your doing with your camera and share ideas with you! I love helping others this way! Oh, and I love sugar cookies with frosting too... just in case anyone is wondering!

Photography classes coming this September - comment if your interested! Telephonic/Online classes an option as well, if you don't live near by...

Told ya! Gorgeous! Go-Jus! Gor JUS! Oh, how would it be???


Trent and Rhonda Wardwell said...

Not only one button to fix the photos, but to upload them would be nice...

I'm from PHX but live in ATL, what online classes? I'm new to your blog. I will go check out your site! Love your pictures!!!

nancy said...
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nancy said...

I love your photos, would be very interested in taking classes. I will watch for updates on registration here.