The First

Do you remember your first? Pregnancy, that is.... that's the time when you read all the books, have lists of names on the fridge, and spend hours gently rubbing your belly and wondering who it will look like. With my first, we laughed at how my belly would pop out of the shirts I wore, like Gus Gus (the chubby mouse on Cinderella). Of course, that was back when there weren't any cute maternity clothes. Today, I can walk through Target, and pick up a super cute shirt, or dress and actually think for a minute I wish I was pregnant so I could wear that. Make that a nano second.... So Gus Gus has been a nick name around our house since my first. By the time you have a bunch of bouncing little ones at your ankles and your into (my 4th) pregnancy, there was no book reading, we luckily agreed on a name early on, and I was so thankful to have a maternity massage so that I could actually have one hour during the 9 months just to myself and my moving light of life inside my tummy... that I will never forget.

This Mom and Dad are going to be great parents, I only feel sorry for their small herd of dogs who will soon find out that they are really dogs, when the baby enters the family and becomes the center of all of adoration! This is their first, the baby's room has been done for months, there are many baby showers happening, and all of the equipment purchased, and washed in Dreft... They are more than ready to welcome a sweet little girl, and I can't wait to capture her first few days of life! For there will be many scrapbooks, I am sure, for this first born girl! (I hope she gets Mom's blue eyes)


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FYI....it's a boy, not her's...mine! Four boys and a babe!!!!! Wish me luck.