So, I had been dying to take pics on this train bridge, and lucky for me, miss hottie was excited about it too.... so we head over there with Mom, figure a way to climb around and through to get to it (I'll go anywhere and do anything for a great shot, just ask my clients), and start shooting some photos, when here comes the "park ranger" acting all important..... "what does that sign say?" he yells out. Uh, oh, THAT sign? The "No Trespassing" sign? We're totally busted, sit through the lecture, find out that the bridge IS still active, are threatened to be taken downtown again, and the worse part, is he made me promise to never come back. I mumbled something out. It could not have been more embarrassing, when we turn to leave, and there about 100 yards away, just over the hill is the ranger station, in clear view of the entire bridge - I could not have felt more blonde. So, word to the wise, "read the signs"!


Jennifer Hippen said...

Ha - good times! I didn't see any signs! You did an awesome job on her photos and really captured her personality in them! Thank you so much...you are wonderful! and thanks also for finding the keys in the middle of a billion river rocks!

Membership Required said...

that picture on the tracks is so AMAZING! The top secret mission probably made the photo time all the better. Kudos from a sun devil now in TX.

LuckyGabi said...

at least you got the picture AND what a great one it is!