Skater Boi

I love my job! This shoot was by far the funnest shoot I have done yet! This amazing Senior was so fun to work with and did all kinds of incredible tricks with his board! It was an opportunity for me to go the distance for some amazing shots. It was candy for my camera! I had to add a bunch of pix because there were so many great shots! My 2 boys are now part of the "GD" fan club and he was even so great to teach them a few tips on how to "ollie"... they think he's the coolest, and so do I!

I just added a bunch more pix of this shoot to my flickr, check it out (button on the right)!


Kristen said...

What a handsome guy...he should give leasons this month and make a little $.
Such cool shots!


LuckyGabi said...

These are the coolest photos! Great job Amy!

Anonymous said...

Amy, just had to tell you how thrilled we are with Greg's pictures! I have showed them to many people and always get the same response....give me her contact info! Can't wait to do shoots or skate lessons in the future!