2 Photography Classes

I am very excited to announce 2 photography classes!! Both classes are designed with time enough to grasp the concepts... learning photography is not an overnight project, and it takes A LOT of study and practice! With each concept, we'll talk about it, and then practice it before moving on. Homework will also be given to help you to really understand what we have covered. Of course, bring your camera to both classes.

The first class is designed for everyone, whether or not you have an SLR camera... the concepts are those basic "meat and potato" principles that every thing else is built on, and will improve your picture taking dramatically! Cost $40

The second class is the next step for those that have an SLR, and have taken class 1. We will get to know your camera, show you how to get off "auto", and take the time to understand the settings. It will be very hands on and open for discussions. Cost $40

Below are the basic subjects that we will be covering in each class.

To register or for any questions that you might have.... email me at fraughtons@cox.net I will send a paypal link for you to pay 1/2 your tuition in advance. Space is limited, so register right away!

Class 1 - Thursday, Mar. 5th 12:15 - 2:45
Toddler Tricks
Clarity and Focus
Using the Creative modes (not Auto)

Class 2 - Thursday, Mar. 12th 12:15 - 2:45
Lenses - why, which, when?
Depth of Field
Focus Points - toggling
Shutter Speed
Manual Mode

I am still considering teaching a class on editing programs, but am trying to decide if I should teach Lightroom or Photoshop. Both are great programs and have different benefits. More info later.


Tracey said...

Count me in!

Kristen said...

Cool! If I wanted to purchase a good camera what kind would I get and where?

Tiffany said...

This is Traceys sister and I am also interested in the class! Thanks!!!

Amy said...

ladies, thanks for your interest, it will be fun! I need you to email me so that I can get you registered... my email is... fraughtons@cox.net

Amy said...

You don't need a special camera for the first class, but for the second one, you would need a dSLR, which you can find anywhere they sell electronics. I am using a Canon, and love it.

Amy said...

Also... I am limiting the class size to only 8 so that I can give more individual time to each person.

♚Jessica♚ said...

hey amy, your email did not go through yesterday?
gillygirl101@gmail.com thanks - jessica

Jessica Bright said...

Hey Amy!!
I can't believe I found you! Great pics. Are you classes full? Would you consider doing an evening or late afternoon class?

I just started developing my photography hobby and I did some pics of my cousin last night, and she gave me your site. Wow!