Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary!

Announcing.... new "Couples Photo Shoot" - get engaged... again!

My husband and I had the opportunity for a 5 day getaway to San Diego this fall with out kids!! Our 15th anniversary is this week, so we celebrated that as well... so with a tripod, loads of time on our hands and the beautiful surroundings, my hub was nice enough to take fun pictures all weekend... I took this fab dress that I'll never have another use for, and since I was turning 35, thought it would be great to record us and our relationship at 15/35.... I called the project my 50th wedding anniversary gift to ourselves...so that when we've been married for 50 years, we can look back at us at the 15 mark, and be greatful to have a wonderfully recorded journey!

Since that week, we have loved, loved having those done, my friends have loved the idea, and I quickly created a book for Christmas that has the best shots in it and it is such a tribute to our marriage...love it!! (click on link below to view the book)

I would love to do this for you to... trust me, it will be so much fun and you'll love it! Just in time for Valentine's Day, I am offering "Couples Photo Shoots" - where we'll have some fun taking pics of just the two of you enjoying each other, having fun, and being engaged... again! The totally customized $100 session will include 2 locations and 1 outfit change, plus the CD and copyrights to the images. Additional locations will be $25, and I recommend at least 3 locations. No matter if you've been together 5 years, or 50, it's such a gift for you to have, and it's ageless as well. Don't wait to have the perfect hair, dress size or outfit, this is about recording you in your journey - as you are today, and celebrating that!

Below is a link to the book that I created through Shutterfly, and I would be happy to create a book for you too. See me for the details... (the words on my book are based on Taylor Swift's song, "Love Story", which we listened to all week while on our trip)!

Oh yeah - the book is rated PG - (we kissed alot - that was fun too!)

(yes, I took each of these photos using a tripod - not easy, but I would not trust anyone else:))

click the following link to view the book, and then choose the "view in slideshow" on the top right hand corner...

For your own "couples photo shoot" for Valentine's Day, contact me for available times.


The Froerer's said...

What a fun idea! How cute, it is something you will treasure more and more the older you get.You are so full of great ideas!

Becky said...

Ok, you got me really wanting to do something like that! So cute! Great job!