THE PARTY!! She's finally a teenager!

Well, there is now a teenager in the house!! And what to do but have a "glamour shot" birthday party with 9 of her closest friends! They planned 3 outfits, and 3 locations, and we had so much fun!! Check out the group shots below, some of "M", and then check my Flickr for the other 9 beauties!

We copied a friends tradition of decorating the table with items that represent the Birthday person... here was the funniest item on the table... welcome teenager!

Milk....It does a body good.


Sashay~Vanessa said...

I Love them!!!!!!

The Froerer's said...

Beautiful pictures AGAIN!

Carly said...

Amy, just checked your site to check the load time again and saw this awesome post! I would have killed for this cool of a picture of me and my friends when I was that age. What a treasure for each of them.

-Carly (Playful Pickles)

Joanna Heiden said...

Oh my gosh! These pictures are amazing! Looks like a total blast! These girls will cherish these pics when they are older!

♥MAYCE♥ said...

Hey Amy!! Thanks for these pictures! The party was so much FUN!!! I cant wait to see how the rest of them turned out! Thanks again! :)