I heart Carly!!

So.... how do you like the new look of my blog? I am in love!! I have to give credit to the most fabulous gal... Carly Farnsworth - who did the entire thing, with just a little inspiration from me!

Check her out at....

www.playfulpicklesdesigns.blogspot.com you'll "heart" her too!

stick around, my new website with fun galleries will be here soon...

Thanks Carly (with all my heart)!!



Mom said...

Hi Amy,
Your blog is cute, but your photos are cuter! I'm so impressed with your talent for catching the personalities of subjects, not just the poses--and you have a unique skill in using whatever props are around. I'm so delighted with our family pictures. They couldn't be better. And the price was MORE than reasonable. Thank you.

And please feel free to use my endorsement and name anytime. Thanks again, Diana Giles

Bryn and Blaine said...

I put your blog site on my blog. I love your pictures.