Spread the Love - Holiday Giveaway!!

Drum roll please......Introducing....a Holiday Giveaway!!! Just in time for Christmas!!

Here's how it works. You can show your love (for me, Amy, and my photography) by linking my photography website or blog to your personal blog, to tell the world "Hey! I like Amy, and her photography is alright too!" With one click of the mouse your friends, family, and blog stalkers can be magically whisked away (virtually) to my blog site. Yes, it IS that simple!!

"What's in it for me?" You ask yourself. Well, first, I'll love you dearly, really I will. Did you know that the blog-o-sphere is the best form of advertising for my wee little business? Love it!! Secondly, refer a friend, and receive your choice of a free professionally printed 8x10, or $15 off your personal photo session, need I say more?

Well, I will. Listen up, this is where it gets good. Link my blog to yours and leave a comment telling me you've "linked" me into your blog in this very blog posting. On Wednesday, December 23rd, I'll randomly pick 1 lucky comment. (Brace yourself) This lucky person will win a free sitting with Amy Fraughton Photography valued at 100.00 to be used antime within the next year!! Wowza!! See? I told you this would be good. The lucky winner will be announced the morning of December 24th. The winners have the option of keeping it for themselves, or giving it away as the perfect holiday gift.
I know what you are saying, I don't live by you, I could never use that gift certificate. Well, maybe not. But don't forget my first point, "I'll love you dearly" Isn't that enough? Or, win the gift certificate and give it to a friend or family member in the Phoenix area for Christmas. They'll love you, and so will I. Either that, or fly me to you and I'll take your pictures!! Happy linking!!

PS - you may participate even if you don't know me, but just want to be a part of the love!


The Froerer's said...

I LOVE YOU and your pictures! Yes I have you all linked up to my blog and am hoping to win the free session. Either way I'll do it for your love and b/c I think your photography is incredible!

Paula said...

We love your photography! My girls had so much fun and Maddy thinks she looks "hot". My sister just called me today and asked who took those great pictures and how she can get some. I would love to link you to my blog.

The Nelson Family said...

I just linked you to our blog. Thank you so much for our photo shoot on Saturday!! I just saw the "preview" pictures and can't wait to get the CD.


Susan... said...

Amy - LOVED OUR TIME TOGETHER TODAY! While my children think I'm nuts for having us stand out in a cornfield with a piece of furniture, it's OK. Because I know we are all going to love the shots you got! Thanks a million for thinking outside the box with us!

You are linked to my person blog (which is woefully out of date) but I have big goals for 2009!!!)

Susan... said...

Just got you linked to my "scrapbooky" blog as well. (It gets a bit more traffic lately!!)

I'm already rearranging pictures on my wall to make space for our family pictures! THANKS AGAIN!

Stacey Mowers and Family said...

I just linked you to my blog, I would love to win another photo shoot with you!!

Sashay~Vanessa said...

You have been on my blog since the boutique in my home. Love you. See you tomorrow. I called you tonight.

The Fraughts said...

You don't need to put me in the drawing, but I think I may have been the first to have a link, that's how much I love you!!! :) We do really love you and wish you all the luck with this new adventure!

shay said...

Silly Amy, I've had your blog linked on my since you first started your photo blog. I just that means I love you the most! HAHA

Kristen said...

My friend Vanessa turned me onto your blog. Your work is amazing. I entered my sister in law and brother in law in your photo contest. You have such a giving heart to do this for a family in need. God Bless you and thank you for giving someone this opportunity. I added your link to my blog and hope to have you photograph my kids after the new year.
Love, Kristen